Nigeria’s Launches A Marketing & Analytics Platform To Monetize Missed Calls


flashintelligenceA Lagos based startup, Flash Intelligence, has launched a platform for advertisers to reach their customers by tapping into the concept of “Flashing” or giving a missed call.

According to the startup, the platform works by prominently displaying a phone number in an ad, urging people to dial it. The call, once made, disconnects automatically and the caller is sent a free text message informing them of offers and discounts.

In a country where “Flashing” has become part of phone culture, the start up saw an opportunity to use this concept to drive consumer action through a simple interface.

“Internet access is expensive and most people still only use a basic cellphone. Flash Intelligence can be used by almost all mobile users in Nigeria,” said a company spokesperson. “Each missed call is like clicking a link on a website. No credit or internet access is required. At the same time, we are also helping brands and e commerce companies engage more effectively with users, with key metrics and engagement  reported in real time.”

Lead generation, surveys and coupon delivery are just some of the ways in which Flash Intelligence can be used, and the team are working with brand partners to develop new applications.

Flash Intelligence leverages its patented technology to bring the concept of permission marketing to Nigeria, where the customer agrees to receive marketing messages that could be of interest, and in turn, this helps build a deeper profile of the customer. By analysing the data, Flash Intelligence allows advertisers to better understand consumers’ habits. Phone numbers are never sold or spammed.

The founding team has a long history of operating in Nigeria, as well as successfully launching technology ventures in several countries.