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CEO Weekends:Rocket Internet’s Online Car Marketplace Goes Live

by Sam Wakoba
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On previous posts, we have been talking about Jumia and Vamido, both Nigerian startups raised by the German company Rocket Internet. Now it is turn to talk about Carmido, an online car marketplace. This site offers a wide range of new and used vehicles for sale around Nigeria and, like Vamido, it has some solid guidelines when advertising the products, in order to avoid fraudulent adverts.

Rocket Internet’s interest in Nigeria goes back to the beginning of last year, when they launched Jumia, the e-shop for electronics, books, DVDs and so forth. As this country keeps growing, the online playfield offers a great potential for online companies and the German startup incubator has taken advantage of this situation and launched several ventures in the country that cover various services (hotel booking, real estate, online bidding places, etc.)

The car market in Nigeria has also grown significantly and the number of sales have multiplied during the last few years. Even though this sector is currently dominated by the offline scene, the digital field has a tremendous potential considering the current state of the market.
That being said, chances are, Carmido has placed its attention in the right spot and it will be interesting to see how this sector develops in such an exciting country as Nigeria is.

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