GraphicMail Targets Developing Markets with Inclusion of Angola and Pakistan



Digital Marketing company, GraphicMail has set its foot within Angola and Pakistan, underlining their cause to reach out to developing countries in Africa and Asia.

“While digital marketing continues to expand throughout developed economies, the opportunities within the developing world offer vast opportunities for growth and tailoring,” the company said.

“With the digital revolution gaining momentum in Africa and the Indian subcontinent, previously untapped markets are opening up to businesses with their ear to the ground and getting Angola and Pakistan on board within two months of each other is proof of that.”

Many more opportunities are opening up in Africa due to the efforts made to have broadband access. With more people able to access internet, marketing companies such as GraphicMail have a reason to set up shop in developing markets.

Jose de Oliveira Santana, GraphicMail Angola country partner said: “What attracted me to GraphicMail in the first place was how simple it was to start the process, and how friendly and helpful everyone is in helping me with the setup.”

According to a PCmag survey titled Maximising for Mobile Development, the developing world’s mobile connectivity has soared by 77% in the last few years, while developed nation’s growth, naturally, slowed to 23%.

Lower income areas rely on constant communication for economic growth and mobile technology is the most cost-effective way for this to happen.