Obami Converts Revision Papers To Digital



South African social learning platform, Obami, has introduced a digitized champaign in the time for the the upcoming ANAs (Annual National Assessments) that are to be carried out across South Africa from 9 September this year.

Converted into Obami-styled, online assignments, the ANA papers, which cover English and Mathematics across Grades 3,4,5,6 and 9, can be set to classes by their teachers, or undertaken independently by learners who are looking to get some revision done before they sit the real thing.

As long as there is an Internet connection, learners can type out answers which, on submitting, reveal model answers to which they can compare their own.

Teachers on he other hand, will be able to mark the assignments and export responses and results, empowering them to identify and focus on those sections which their learners may be struggling with.

This is the first time that any standardised DBE test has been completely digitized and made available to the public.

Obami says it is excited about what it means for education as teachers can now make sure that their contact time is dedicated to actual teaching, while learners can revise outside of school hours in a manner that is engaging for them. And with Obami’s mobile functionality, many of the 4-million learners who are expected to write the ANAs this year will have no problem accessing the digital papers.