Relentless Nokia Introduces Lumia 625 and 925 Amid Take Over By Microsoft

Ifi Majid
Ifi Majid from Nokia at the Launch in Johannesburg

Nokia continues to be in the news in positive light. A day after the company’s bid by Microsoft at US$7.2 billion was made public, the company has gone ahead to unveil two new Lumia devices and underlined the impressive Lumia 1020 in Johannesburg, Wednesday.

The Nokia Lumia 625 has the biggest screen in the series measuring at 4.7 inches and will be a significant improvement on the Nokia 620. “We have worked with Qualcomm to ensure that the device is faster and efficient,” Ifi Majid, Head of Global Sell-in and Smart Devices said during the media conference.

The Lumia 925 is currently the advanced of the Lumia range, except for Lumia 1020 which emphasizes on imaging. The new aspect with the new Lumia 925 is its metal hard case. The 4.5 inch device also has a metal ring around it making reception much stronger.

Speaking at the Nokia launch in Johannesburg, Gerald Brandjes, the Vice President, Nokia South and East Africa, underlined the importance of the continent to Nokia’s agenda. The new Lumia and Asha range of phones have been widely accepted in the African continent.

Gerald underlined the importance of having new innovations even for the continent.  Users have now a wide range of apps: 170,000 applications in the Windows and 150,000 applications on the Nokia store.

The company said that it will continue to push down great innovations to lower end handsets to increase capabilities to users.