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South Africa’s Eden Telecom Introduces Bandwidth Management Software in the Market

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Eden Telecom the country’s leading communication provider has introduced Mesh Networks’ state of the art bandwidth management and optimization tools.

The solution which is pending patent, will enable Eden Telecom to monitor the use of their bandwidth and also optimize the connection for their customers.

“We pay dearly for back-haul bandwidth and I was looking for a cost effective solution, that worked properly,” said Egge Mulder, Managing Director at Eden Telecom, a leading communications company based in South Africa.

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“Mesh Networks’ solutions are cost effective, automatically promote fairness and penalize abusers. These important factors have prompted Eden Telecom to begin deployment of the QuotaDefender® System to new and existing networks across South Africa.”

“Eden is a large and quickly growing ISP in South Africa. As our first customer in South Africa they are a great company to work with as we jointly worked together to meet the unique challenges faced in their geography,” said Brian A. Foley, VP Business Development, Mesh Networks.

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“We are looking forward to doing business with Eden Telecom for many years to come, while building relationships with many other providers as we expand our presence in this region.”

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