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The ‘Galaxy Gear’ SmartWatch From Samsung

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Samsung refuses to lag behind in technology as it recently introduced it SmartWatch which was overly anticipated, the Samsung galaxy gear.

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This fancy watch, however, does not work by itself; it requires a Samsung Smartphone for full functionality.

So this watch notifies users of incoming messages such as calls, texts, emails and alerts, delivers a preview of those messages and creates the opportunity for users to accept or discreetly ignore those messages.

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If the messages require more attention the user will have to use their Samsung Smartphone instead and the Smart Relay feature will reveal the full content on that device’s screen.

The best thing about the Samsung gear is that for voice calls, the users can conduct hands-free calls directly from the watch using its hands-free activation service.

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It has a feature called the Memographer, it connects a built-in 1.9 camera and lets users record both photos and video to create quick, visual records of important information or events.

The SmartWatch has a proximity tracker which also automatically locks the linked Samsung Smartphone when it is more than 1.5 meters from the SmartWatch.

The watch comes with a 4GB memory and 512 MD RA, and is running on an 8000Mhz processor.

Samsung Galaxy Gear will be launched in more than 140 countries around the world starting from September 25.

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