CEO Weekends: New Education Platform, Shakili to Be Launched Soon



Teachers in Kenya will have a new platform that will assist them to prepare, organize and publish multimedia educational material, bringing a new elearning platform to the country.

This new platform named Shakili will enable information to be shared across various devices, helping users to access information from wherever they are.

“We’ve re-thought everything — from the user interface to the underlying technology — to create the product that you want to use to share educational content, learn exciting new things, access knowledge and connect to teachers and local experts around you and what you enjoy learning,” the company said.

The company that is founded by Muthuri Kinyamu will add on to the ongoing efforts by various players to bring education more online than offline.

“I foresee a bright future for digital learning in Africa where it inspires increased student interest in their education and development of skills,” Kinyamu told TechMoran.

Other functions that the product

Easily share files Easily reach out and share files and links with your friends.

Variety of curated material Find a whole range of material that is relevant to you and your needs.

Connect: Learn: Discover More Bringing you closer to experts whose teachings will expand your perspective.

Access it from any device Access the content you care about directly from your phone, desktop or tablet.

With all the initiatives to digitize learning in Kenya, it is a wait and see if all the players will back the move and adopt online learning. This would include retraining teachers on the various platforms available to them.

The startup is currently signing up the very first members to experience the platform before its launch.