CEO Weekends: Panasonic Displays Its First Ever Business Solutions In Africa On Kenyan Soil



Electronics manufacturer, Panasonic today organised the very first System Solutions exhibition in Africa, showcasing its comprehensive line up of industry leading total business solutions.

The event which was done in Kenya was aimed at promoting and showcasing products catering to diverse industry verticals across the African Continent.

Some of the products that the electronic company showcased included Panasonic’s telephones, faxes, office automation solutions, educational solutions like Panaboards, High definition communication solutions, network and analogue products, home security products, batteries and lamps, air conditioners and last but not the least eco solutions like ventilating fan, ceiling fan and air purifiers alike

Panasonic plans to actively promote and create new business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-governments (B2G) opportunities in Africa, while continuing to sustain its products in the traditional B2C business sphere.

Yorihisa Shiokawa, Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific said: “Africa is an emerging market and the widespread reform across the country has resulted in an ever-improving business environment and this together with other factors such as increased infrastructure investment and commodities boom have contributed to the doubling of the economy over the past decade. We as Panasonic are committed to being part of this development process that the country is witnessing and this exhibition is part of one such efforts to reiterate our commitment to the African markets”.

Currently, Panasonic is working towards expanding its reach and enhancing customer touch points across the Middle East & Africa.

“Through our “Made for Africa” project, we are committed and focused on increasing our footprint across the African continent by providing access to our technologically superior and advanced products. Our product marketing strategy has been to understand, implement and develop products that our African consumers actually prefer! Our business model will have hands-on approach and will directly engage with the consumers.” said Mr Masao Motoki, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa.

As part of providing a direct service network, Panasonic has already established representative offices across Africa, including Kenya, Angola ,Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa.

Panasonic plans to add 100 more service centre’s to the already existing line-up of 597 service centres across the Middle East & Africa by March 2015.

“We will continue to invest in the region, bringing in new technology and products. We want to innovate and bring about a reformation with our products. We want to explore various industry segments, identify their needs and tailor make products specifically to meet the needs of the regional businesses. Our strong focus is on Africa, with the company looking to establish regional offices in most parts of the continent by the end of the year,” added Mr Motoki.