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New App To Help Estimate of Your Electricity Consumption Launched in Kenya

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A new Android app has gone live on the Google Play store that will enable Kenyan pre-paid electricity customers get to know how much credit they need to buy for their household electricity consumption.

The app named Efficient Electricity Management System (EEMS) has an easy to use interface that will enable users to input units that every gadget in their home consumes and the app calculates how much you need to buy.

Walter Obadha, the brains behind the application had a case where his cousin accused him of using too much electricity through his laptop at home. This made him wonder how to anticipate electricity consumption.

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“I came across several blog sites where people complained about the new prepaid meters and how they did not understand how the units were being valued and they did not know how much to spend per month with the constant fluctuation in units, and that’s when and how I ended up with developing this kind of application,” he told TechMoran.

“The application solves a problem by performing arithmetic operations, but requires no mathematical or electricity related knowledge from the end user at all. All they will have to do is go around each household appliance they use, check the wattage, input the figures, and the application will do the rest. It’s actually pretty easy to use since the application has a section where it gives directs users where to find the figures needed, and how to recognise the figures,” he added.

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Although users will find it hard to look for the information on all electronic gadgets, Walter says that the app will later include selected items and their estimation of how much electricity they use.

Walter says that he will soon release the solution across Blackberry, Windows and Symbian platforms.

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Vince Matinde
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