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Declining Mobile Phone Prices to Boost Nigeria’s App Market by 15%

by Elly Okutoyi
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Nigeria is set to experience a 15 percent growth in its app market in the next few years, thanks to declining mobile phone prices in the country something that is now enabling more people to afford low cost Smartphones.

Commenting on the growth of the App market in the country, James Rutherford of Nokia Nigeria said: “The sub-$100 smartphone is steadily becoming a reality globally. Low-end smartphones are increasingly available and these types of mobile phones will likely grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15 percent over the coming years.”

The news on the impending app market boom in Nigeria due to the declining mobile phone prices could as well as act as a justification to the opposition by stakeholders in the Kenyan ICT sector over the government’s move to introduce a 16 percent tax on mobile phones.

Stakeholders in the country said that the VAT will negatively affect the gains in telecommunications sector, saying less people will be able to afford mobile phones. Maybe the news on the looming App market growth in Nigeria should act as an example to the Kenyan government as to just how significant role low mobile phones prices plays in a country’s tech development.

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