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by Sam Wakoba
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zatitiLaunched June 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya, Zatiti,is a web based platform that enables merchants to start selling online by providing tools to quickly and affordably create e-commerce websites.

Zatiti enables shop owners to create their own online shop within seconds. The shop owner gets a Content Management System that enables them to easily manage their content like uploading products, creating pages, etc.. They can also monitor their revenue, sales orders and received messages. At a competitive fee, we design custom templates for merchants so that they can get unique online shops that promotes their brand. Since launching, we have managed to get 5 clients.
Grace Kibiru of Zatiti, told TechMoran, ” There is an overwhelming demand for quality and affordable e-commerce websites in Kenya and rest of Africa. The cost of developing quality and effective e-commerce websites tends to be too high for most small to medium businesses.  That is when we decided to build a platform that would enable merchants to have their own efficient and unique online shops within the shortest time possible. We feel we have succeeded when our clients start making sales.”
Zatiti understands the needs of the Kenyan merchant. Its platform accepts M-Pesa payments, which is really convenient for them because all their sales go straight to their bank accounts. Zatiti also assist with domain registration of most country code top level domains such as at a fee.
In August 2013 Zatiti secured seed funding from Savannah Fund, $25,000 for 15% stake. Grace says they are excited because this accelerator program will help take Zatiti to the next level. They plan sign up about 10,000 clients in Kenya by end next year and spread our wings to 9 other African countries within the next 2 years.
“We think that there are many entrepreneurs in Kenya with great ideas that can sell but there is not enough funding for them. We however hope that this will change in the near future where we have more angel investors (and the Kenyan government included) investing in great ideas. We think Kenyan youth stand to have a great future because for every business that is well funded, there are several jobs that will be created from it,” Grace concludes.

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