Rwanda to Leapfrog to 4G with New Korean Partnership



The Rwandan government has signed a partnership deal with Korea Telecom to improve ICT services in the country and push the country’s infrastructure forward.

According to the government, “Korea Telecom is expected to create significant computing power based on advanced computing and “cloud” services infrastructure enabling Rwanda to achieve a leapfrogging effect in the same way that the country is using 4G LTE to skip the 3G stage of broadband network evolution.”

Rwanda Development Board’s CEO Clare Akamanzi reckons that the new partnership will give knowledge transfer to the landlocked country on how to use technology to their advantage.

“The company’s work is expected to yield at least 700 highly skilled employees and stimulate the emergence and growth of a wide range of small medium-size enterprises (SMEs), either sub-contracting to the company or creating innovative applications to deploy as online services within the company’s services infrastructure.”

“This joint venture comes at the time when some targets of the EDPRS2 focusing on infrastructure are being given more importance to enable Rwanda to achieve the targets set to transform Rwanda into a modern, knowledge-based economy with middle income citizens,” Minister of Youth and ICT Hon. Jean Philbert Nsengimana said.