This New Paint Makes Your House Fire Proof


fire-retardant-e1284498275304Kenya’s Crown Paints has launched a new paint that will see property owners reduce the risk of fire in buildings.

Designed to make buildings resistant to sudden fires caused by paint on walls and ceilings,  the product known as Crown Timonox is designed to provide a first line defense against the spread of flames induced by flammable ingredients in paints. Solvents used in paint manufacture increase the risk of fire spreading through entire buildings thus endangering lives and property. But Crown Timonox, applied as a coating on interior surfaces, serves to make buildings fire retardant while at the same time preserving their aesthetic appeal.


According to Crown Paints CEO Rakesh Rao, fire remains a major risk to property. “Fire poses a major risk to our customers’ assets. We are bringing to the Kenyan market a unique coating solution that enhances our customers’ ability to protect valuable assets especially buildings from the sudden risk of fire,” he said.

Crown Timonox is applied as a thin coat on walls and ceilings even where these have several coats of paint. Multiple layers of paint constitute a significant fire hazard hence the need to minimize the potential for ignition both for solvent or water-based conventional paint coatings.

fir1“Improving the flame fighting ability of a surface makes it not only safe for human habitation but also minimizes the environmental damage linked to solvent-based paints,” explained Rao. Timonox is water-based and solvent-free hence making it the ideal coating solution for ethical consumers looking out for safe decorative products.

The product is significant as it comes in the wake of escalating fire incidents in the country, most recently a huge inferno that destroyed a part of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.