Amiran’s Computerized Irrigation Systems, Farmers Newest Best Friend



The computerized irrigation systems, also known as the Automated Irrigation System, are controlled by a computerized controller which targets water resources for irrigation and fertigation (spraying the fertilizers) to the plant.

If a famer is planning to buy Amiran’s computerized irrigation system, all the farmer needs is to have is a convenient source of water and land.

Amiran irrigation experts will then study the topographic map provided by the farmers and later go through the processes of conceptualizing and mapping out a landscape design plan. This determines the amount of water each lawn section or particular greenhouse will need.

How it works

The water is pumped from the source through pipes and is then taken directly to the control room in the farm.

The Amiran control room is the ‘life’ of the computerized irrigation system, it is the link between the water source and the growing plants so most of the important things are found there.

Water quality varies from time to time so it is analysed regularly, so when the reaches the control room it is passed through filters with nutrients well adjusted.

The filters are especially suited with a backwash control system that enables the filter to clean itself while still filtering dirt out of the water.

Water then moves to the Nutrigation machine, which offers farmers the ability to have precise control over the delivery of nutrients and irrigation timing according to the changing needs of the plant. It mixes water with the fertilizer needed by the plant.

The pressure is then regulated before being released, systematically measured quantity, into the plantation. The machine is connected to the electric cables that control the opening and closing of valves which allow fertigation to take place.

The computerized irrigation is programmed to release water though valves at specific time increments, hence saving on water usage as opposed to the traditional watering with a hose pipe which in many cases leads to over watering of plants.

What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage of this technology is the ability to administer fertilizer while irrigating, saves on time, labour, accuracy as well as curbing resource wastage to ensure proper growth.

Amiran’s computerized irrigation systems help farmers to balance out their crops and ensure plants are of the same size since they get the same amount of water and nutrients.

With Amiran’s top quality drippers from Netafim, which are resistant to the effects of regular chemicals and fertilizers.

For this reasons and many more, farmers are now turning to Amiran’s Drip irrigation and have enjoyed improved profitability.

Amiran, has for several decades now partnered with Netafim, that invented drip irrigation, to set up more than 80 percent of irrigation computer system used in Kenyan flower farms and for large-scale horticultural growers.

The company has for so long be the spearhead of modern and very efficient agricultural technologies that are sustainable, high productivity guarantee and are environmentally friendly.