Business Connexion’s Takes HR Mobile With PeopleWare MOBI Launch


Teryl 2010_casualBusiness Connexion Group’s Accsys has launched PeopleWare Mobi, the first-of-its-kind Employee Self Service (ESS) mobile app to the domestic market.

The app, Peopleware MOBI is a mobile extension of Accsys ESS and can be used from any location worldwide to authorise leave requests, sign-off overtime payments, approve training, and even “clock” into T&A using a mobile phone’s GPS or WiFi geolocation capabilities.  The app is designed to facilitate and process a number of HR functions, including leave management, authorise ESS requests and access payslip history.  It is presently available on Android and Accsys has confirmed that an iOS version will be rolled out soon.


We spoke to CEO Teryl Schroenn to find out how the newly launched solution adds value to the maturity of HR and ESS in particular. Teryl says the solution is a first-of-its-kind mobile ESS app that will meet an immediate demand for mobile application within HR, which is already accessible in the Cloud.

“The market has embraced mobility and the answer to the question as to whether or not the smartphone will change the way employers interact with employees is quite simply: absolutely!” she says.

In line with its differential quality of streamlining and centralising HR functionality across a single platform, Accsys has rolled out a solution that integrates with smartphone development.

Users wishing to invest will have to have at least one of the PeopleWare modules and ESS on board to run the App and while the App and viewing rights are free, there is a per completed transaction fee.

Accsys is a national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space, with a footprint in 18 African countries.The Company’s PeopleWare Enterprise people management solution and ESS component has served as its flagship offering to the HR and payroll markets for years.

With the evolution of mobile technology and the ability that businesses have to connect, access the cloud and effectively manage BYOD, the timing for a rollout of an application that ties in mobility with ESS functionality could not have been better.