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Will You Buy The Sirius- Nokia’s Debut Tablet?

by Caroline Vutagwa
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It seems as though Nokia is set to plunge into the tablet market as there are details of such a device emerging on a regulatory statement in the USA.

Nokia has not given any hints on the  gadget but a document appears to be seeking handset approval form the telecoms regulator, the FCC. The regulator has revealed hints of such a tablet although the document seems o have been hidden of almost everything other than the minimum secure approvals.

According to what was filed at the FCC,Nokia is working on a tablet which they call the Nokia RX-114,which sources say it will have a codename ‘sirius’ or Lumia 2520. It will come with LTE support for Verizon. T-Mobile and AT&T as well as GSM/Edge and HSPA +capabilities.

The document however did not give enough information about the specification s of the device but only mentions the word ‘tablet’ once which is at the very end of the document. it is beieved that the Sirus tablet will have a 10.1 inch screen and be powered by 2.15GHz quad cire Quacomm Snapdragon 800 processor  and will run the descredited RT verison of Windos 8.

The mobile phone manufacturing company, Nokia, is set to hold a product announcement which will be held on 22nd October in Abu Dhabi and speculations say that that they are likely to unleash a tablet device at the event.

in the same launch, the company will also introduce a range of new phone, from low end to high end including the high end Lumia 929 phone with 20 MP camera, Lumia 1520 phablet also called the Bandit, with 6 inch screen. the yet to be introduced gadgets will still carry the Nokia name as the Microsoft deal has not yet been completed but will still end up as part of the Microsoft stable.

Nokia is a true definition of relentlessness, regardless of its drop in popularity it continues to make it presence felt. It would be really interesting to know how different the tablet is from what is in the market as well as knowing the motivation behind the tablet manufacturing.

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