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Epson Introduces New Garment Printer for SMEs

Epson SureColour-SCF2000

Epson a global leader in printer machines, has launched SureColor-SCF2000 printer that will enable business and individuals print designs on to garments.

This is an industry first due to the fact that this is, “the first system where a print-head, ink and chassis have been designed and manufactured by a single brand” the company reported.

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The garment printer is said to have high performance and low maintenance. Its running costs enable businesses to offer t-shirt designs and print services for their clients.

“The printer we are introducing to market is bundled with Epson’s garment creator software which includes a cost calculation function that allows users to estimate the print cost by calculating the amount and cost of the ink used for each print job. This can be beneficial if you want to set a tax rate or discount. This design software enables designers to unleash their creativity and easily produce customised, eye-catching designs on t-shirts, caps and bags up to 25mm thick,” Epson Regional Sales Manager Mukesh Bector commented.

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Mukesh noted that as well as enjoying the new revenue stream, uses are assured that Epson has applied its years of print knowledge and know-how to deliver an eco-friendly device that excels in performance and delivers low running costs.

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