Q-KON Africa Launches New Billing Sytem For Satellite Services




Q-KON Africa now offers Service Providers across the continent the opportunity to acquire and rollout a StarLight connectivity solution – complete with a new billing system that adds immediate value.

According to Juan Prinsloo, Snr Executive: Products of Q-KON Africa, “The new billing system will dramatically cut down the management overhead of determining and allocating funds to terminals. The billing platform allows us to provision for reseller channels and also affords us the flexibility of having unique service profile and pricing definitions per country.”

The offering is the company’s first venture into the payment portal arena. Prinsloo explains that it has been carefully constructed, with attention to specifications and processes, with developers mindful of industry regulation and related issues.

StarLight offers affordable and reliable satellite broadband IP access services throughout Sub-Sahara Africa. The StarLight service is built on the SkyeVine satellite platform that operates on IS28 and utilises the Newtec Sat3Play satellite technology with the now added flexibility to structure services and billing options to service the needs of specific Service Providers.

The Solution is offered to the market exclusively through licensed and registered ISPs in each country.   The registered StarLight Service provider in each country also offers users other value added services such as voice, email, Wi-Fi Hotspots amongst others.

StarLight offers ISPs a number of specific business advantages and benefits including the fact that it is an end-to-end market ready service incorporating user billing and service administration network. The Solution enables ISPs to expand their footprint and offer an immediate country-wide service – this means a greater geographic exposure and additional revenue.

StarLight provides extremely high reliable access service that can be leveraged to complement existing terrestrial ADSL services.

The Solution adds value to various markets, responding to communication needs to a broad range of customers such as government, education and industrial monitoring projects etc.  StarLight can also be extended to service Wi-Fi Hotspots perfect for hospitality owners.

ISP’s are invited to sign-up with Q-KON Africa as service providers for the StarLight service to expand their market footprint and service offering.

StarLight offers a wide range of pre-paid user data bundles ranging from 2Mbps to 16Mbps packages that is specifically defined for each country. Users who want to leverage off the broadband Internet access services only require a two-way satellite data terminal (installed), and link up with a registered ISP.  (by clicking through to www.starlight-broadband.com).