UPDATED:PesaTalk Team Members Reunite To Launch Portfolio.co.ke


portfolioMichael Onsando, Victor Muisyo and Dennis Lukhoba have come together to launch Portfolio Magazine, an online financial news startup.

According to the three, “Kenya’s middle class is big, and only getting bigger. They have more money, and the press isn’t helping. Maybe we can do something about it.”

Portfolio Magazine will have four sections: Earn, Spend, Save, Invest.  Just like PesaTalk, which closed down due to issues that could be resolved, Portfolio Magazine’s main objective is help you and me learn more about money and start investing as soon as possible.

The three seem to be running on steroids  and have already signed up I&M Bank as key sponsor for their money magazine for Kenyans. They are running fast to fill the financial gap left by PesaTalk, their former publication.

debbieThey said,”Our finance magazine is launching next week. We choose a name: Portfolio. Currently there’s lots of writing for the 1%, we’re bringing in more for the 99%.”

They will also launch a hilarious cartoon series dubbed Debbie at the same time. Debby is Lukhoba’s brainchild. There is no doubt this guys will do wonders with portfolio magazine. Onsando, is the former Editor PesaTalk and Lukhoba was a dedicated reporter at PesaTalk. They will however face tough competition from their former boss who is also launching a financial news and data startup later this month.

PesaTalk-LogoPesaTalk, a Kenyan web news startup founded in March 2012 closed January this year due to lack of funds. (But the  former  CEO told TechMoran the startup was making money monthly.) At the time of closure, it had  over 25,000 readers monthly from around the world. PesaTalk needed $40,000 to fund its operations.

UPDATE:Portfolio is a project and a product of Circle Digital Kenya (www.circle.co.ke). Michael Onsando, Victor Muisyo and Dennis Lukhoba are writers, employed by Circle Digital to work for the site.