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Digital Migration In Zambia To Attract Telecommunication Investors

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Digital migration is set to make Zambia an investor magnet in the telecommunication industry, the country’s Ministry of Communication and Transport said.

Zambia’s Minister of Communication and Transport, Yamfwa Mukanga, said that if Zambia successfully migrated from analogue to digital broadcasting, local and foreign investors would be willing to establish businesses in the country’s telecommunications industry.

“We have received a number of interests from mobile service providers to invest in telecommunications, but as government, we feel there is need to resolve the migration from analogue to digital first, in order to incorporate additional mobile phone service providers,” said Mukanga.

The country should however come up with the digital migration policy so as to guide the country’s migration process.

In the previous month, the government of Zambia had cancelled the digital migration tender over corruption allegations in the way it was awarded. The tender had been awarded to Star Software Technologies.

The deadline for the digital migration set by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is still at 2015, Zambia still has a lot to do, the country does not have migration policies and neither is the tender ready.

If for instance the country does beat the deadline, who would be put in the spot light? By now they should have at least be half way done with the policies and the done with the tender, but who knows maybe the last minute can save a country or better still the ITU will extend the deadline which is typically African.

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