Tech Association Donates Networking Books to Gambian University’s ICT School


In the drive to assist developing countries to fuel the growth of internet infrastructure in diverse regions, the University of the Gambia Technology Association in collaboration with the Network Startup Resource Centre at the University of Oregon US have made the first step in donating networking books to the university’s ICT School.

During the presentation ceremony held at the Gambia Collage Campus in Brikama, The Network Startup Resource dedicated itself to providing technical information, engineering assistance, training, donations of networking books and equipment among other resources.

The cooperation aspires to make it easier for local scientists, engineers and educators to collaborate via the Internet with their international colleagues by helping to connect interested communities, say reports.

During the launch, the deputy Vice Chancellor of UTG Dr Omar Jah Junior not only commended students for their zeal towards advancing technology at the university, but encouraged all students to be steadfast in making such initiatives and assured the group of UTG continued support so as to enable them realise their potential of transforming the school of ITC to that which attains international standards. . He acknowledged the rapid advancement of technology and noted that the book will go a long way in improving the theory aspect of the ITC course.

On the other hand, Dr Momodou Jain, the dean of the School of ITC noted the UTG is the youngest institution but is also the most vibrant in the sub-region, based on dedicated staff and students zealous to working hard to ensure that UTG is among the best in the sub-region.

A former student of the university, Alagie Ceesay also gave his experience and predicament of the association with the NSRC. As a member of the Network Startup Resource Centre, he revealed that the NSRC coordinates the donation of computing and networking hardware by linking those in need of such materials with potential donors. According to him, technical documentation is often costly and difficult to obtain for developing area networks. Thus, they focus on helping build technical libraries in locations where the resources can be freely shared such as academic departments, university libraries and centrally-based networking facilities.

Ceesay stated that the startup resource notably has a good working relationship with several ISPs and university networks in the US that donate equipment to areas in need. With assistance from the University of Oregon Computing Centre, the NSRC facilitates the refurbishment of the hardware if necessary and shipping it to academic networks and ISPs in developing countries with Gambia setting a new trend.