Microsoft & The Lagos State Government Partner To Implement e-Governance



The Lagos State government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft on e-Governance initiatives that will drive governance in the state. The agreement focuses on e-governance in order to better serve people in Lagos.

Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola, said that the initiative is focused on four cardinal programmes, including; implementation of a citizen relationship management platform leveraging on the existing call center infrastructure, provision of IT infrastructure to support Lagos State health insurance initiative, Information and Technology skill development and affordable mobile devices availability, being a premier partner under the Microsoft4 Africa initiatives, which is centered on entrepreneur support.

Fashola added that as part of the agreement, Microsoft will help train 100 Microsoft certified applications support personnel who will assist Lagos State government and other states in Nigeria to implement Microsoft application and the private sector for both Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

e-governance,by Fashola, will focus on delivering services to the citizens of Lagos State using smart phones and mobile devices while enabling him to monitor the performance of each Ministry, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the discharge of services and to monitor all ongoing projects especially those around the medium term budgetary objectives of PATH (Power, Agriculture, Transportation and Housing).

“It will also be used to answer queries from citizens regarding the state services, initiate transactions and eventually to completely offer government services via on-line; constitutes another mode of communication without traveling to the Secretariat. The expected go live date of this initiative is April, 2014”, the governor stated.

Fashola said the health solutions will focus on delivering cloud based solutions that will assist pregnant mothers and patients at the 57 primary health care facilities, which are being upgraded under the health care initiative of the state.

They reiterated that ICT is a platform that any serious government committed to service delivery has to embrace, adding that having a partnership with Microsoft will help the state to meet this challenges.