Sign This Online Campaign To Ensure Justice Is Done For This Innocent Girl


1,250,000 signatures are required by Avaaz, as a petition against the government demanding for justice to be done against men who allegedly gang-raped a 16-year old girl and went scot-free.

Reports indicate that the 16-year old, who now uses a wheelchair was gang-raped by six men and dumped in a pit latrine near their home in Busia after attending a grandfathers burial.

The online petition is calling on the director of public prosecutions and police chief David Kimaiyo to investigate the matter and punish the administration police officers who barely investigated the case and let go of the rapists who are since on the run.

“Nobody has been brought to justice — not the rapists, and not the police, said the campaign. “Today, we change that. Let’s stand with Liz right now, before her attackers and the police escape. Sign now to get justice for Liz and help make sure no girl anywhere suffers this violence.”

More than a million people have signed  online petition demanding justice after three men accused of brutally gang-raping a girl in Kenya were ordered to cut grass as punishment.