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Firms to Establish DNA Lab in Kenya to Help End Gender-Based Sexual Violence

by Sam Wakoba
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DNAAfrica Biosystems Limited (ABL) and Life Technologies (LT) have joined to race to fight violence against women using technology.

The firms are set to establish a laboratory committed to helping women who are victims of rape and violence like Liz, the Busia teenage girl who was allegedly gang-raped by six men.

working with various stakeholders in Kenya and internationally they hope using forensic technologies will help fight sexual violence against women.

Horrified with what happened to 16-year-old ‘Liz,’ the lab will have cutting edge forensic technologies that can link blood, skin, semen, for example, to the perpetrators, evidence that is critical for successful conviction. The specialized kit will be donated to the Kenyan Government Chemist, Police and Women’s Rights groups that will help confirm identification and prosecute the men who raped Liz and many others.

“Our companies are committed to using top of the line DNA/Forensic technology. To help Liz we will donate a kit called FSTR  Identifiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit,” Africa Biosystems Limited Managing Director, Yasmin Verjee said.

This makes multiple copies of DNA and the markers of the DNA are analysed. This technology is important because it uses only a very small biological sample to get a DNA profile for analysis. This will help prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous crime.”

The evidence gathered using DNA technology can lead to convictions, and ultimately is a way to seek justice for all women like Liz. As many as 8 out of 10 women and girls in Kenya experience some form of sexual violence and receive no justice.

DNA Forensics is collection and analysis of DNA, later used as evidence in criminal investigations. Using DNA forensic technics, DNA provides a record of a particular person being in a particular place (scene of crime).

Using Life Technologies and FГSR Identifiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit and Life Technologies Genetic Analyzer the DNA is processed and analyzed, taking into account that the DNA molecule is unique to an individual, hence used as a marker.

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