Electronics manufacturing giant, Samsung, has announced the global “Launching People” campaign, which is set to  strengthening its commitment to realize people’s visions, areas on interest as well as their potential in technology from all over the world.

The company wants to help people see how technology can make a big impact in their lives as well as the society at large.

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“We believes that technology only begins to have meaning when you put it in the hands of a  humans being and when this technology collides with people’s potential, amazing things can happen,” said Sue Shim, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung.

She added that in the coming year the company will work with people globally, introducing new projects that will unveil people’s potential with the assistance of technology. This, she said, will explore personal passion as well as inspire others.

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The campaign, which had stared from France in June this year will see the same happen in thirteen other regions in Europe Latin America and Middle Easr by the end of the year, and expects to expand the campaign further in 2014.

Samsung’s plan is to focus on providing customers, the chance in their program by teaming them up with renowned mentors, start-up funding and product to help them on their journey.

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The electronic company will activate programs from all over the world in the coming months. Samsung also intends to spread  the word about “Launching People” on and across all social media channels; promising to invest in not only technology, but in the potential of people everywhere with dreams and passions.

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