Africa Biosystems Limited Donates DNA Kit To The Kenya Government Chemist


Kenya’s Government Chemist is bound to have increased performance in DNA testing as the Africa Biosystems limited (ABL) has donated one of its DNA kit.

Africa Biosystems Limited is the cutting-edge biotechnology company which distributes life technologies equipment and consumable for the East African region. Life technologies is the recognized leader in the world if Biotechnology.

Thanking the ABL for their donation the Deputy Chief of Kenya’s government chemist, Ali Gakweli said that this would be a stepping stone to the growth of the service as the will look to expanding the service to Mombasa and Kisumu where they have government chemist branches.

He said that this equipment will help take a shorter time in making the analysis as well as making more procedures as it can make about 200 tests in a day.

He however added that in the case of a paternity test and crime scene investigation takes about two weeks, but if it involves the dead or cases of fire it would take about four to five months.

Such equipments, the deputy Chief said,  will be purchased by the government. He said that the government has made budgetary arrangement to purchase 30 equipments annually.

This donation comes after Kenyan demonstrated in the streets demanding for justice after three men who were accused of rape were given grass to cut as their punishment.

Amy Wahome, DNA/Forensic specialist at Africa Biosystems Limited, said: “Africa Biosystems Limited and Life Technologies were horrified to learn of the terrible gang rape of 16 year old ‘Liz’. No girl or woman should ever suffer this way and no man should get away with it.”

This kit will will successfully help identify the DNA of any rapist and will create a critical body of evidence that will put each rapist at the scene of crime, which will help gather evidence needed to prosecute rapists.