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Kenyan Government to automate its payment by April 2014

Online payments

The Kenyan government will not be taking physical cash payments come April 2014. This is according to the head of state, H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The president announced this directive as he officially opened the IBM Research Lab in Nairobi Kenya. The president said that the new directive is in line with the government policy in embracing technology.

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Kenyatta said that the government will put up a website where all government payments for licenses, applications, and fees will be paid through the single system.

The move is expected to expedite payments to various government bodies while eliminating the threat of corruption that have been synonymous with government offices.

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It is early to say what kind of system will be put into place or whether private companies will be allowed to bid.

Government online systems have been on the receiving end, negatively due to their slow or even offline modes. The Kenya Revenue Authority site has been accepting online applications of its Personal Identification Number but users often complain that the site is usually offline or terribly slow.

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Vince Matinde
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