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Oracle Cloud Is Taking Kenya By Storm


Kenya is one of the African countries that is quick to take up the newest trends in the market, not only in their lifestyle but also in business as well as technology.

The spirit of high interest has made a good number of businesses and technology adopt the cloud technology and not only cloud technology but the Oracle technology.

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In the Kenya Oracle day that took place in the Safaripark Hotel, Nairobi, Dr. Andrew Sutherland of Oracle Europe told TechMoran that, Kenya has  great potential in making their businesses better because they are quick to show interest in the cloud technology compared to other African countries.

“Kenyans have shown great interest to the cloud technology compared to other African countries, this shows that the technology has the potential to grow. However there is that notion of technology being a difficult thing to do, people are afraid that it is too complicated. This can however be fixed by proper education as well as training,” He said.

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This being the Third year, the Oracle day held today was geared towards demonstrating the Power of Hardware and Software normally engineered to work together as well as enlightening participants on how the power of  simplicity can change IT to a force that drives business innovation.

Dr. Sutherland believed that Kenya’s SME’s have a potential of blossoming if they embraced the cloud technology. Technology comes with a lot of flexibility in that one can get so many services, the ability to access work anywhere as well as transform the small scale business to a very large business.

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Oracles solutions have received praises in a  number of organisation including Copycat and Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA).

Nazir Noordin, Manging Director of Copycats Kenya said that Oracle has made efforts so partner with many organizations include copycat to give the best solutions to their clients.

Dennis Volemi of CBA said that Oracle solutions have greatly made the M-Shwari service, a product of Safaricom and CBA, a success. He said that they have used a number of solutions in the system that has so far been a success.

“I am pleased with the Oracle solutions because apart from making IT solutions easier, it is a one stop shop as you can find many solutions in one body,” he said.

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