CEO Weekends: Why Intel Will Win The Digital Education War With Kno’s Acquisition


Kno_logo_w256xh254Intel Corporation has acquired Kno, an education software software (was earlier into hardware)  based in North America in a move that will see the chip giant develop an ecosystem of hardware, software and digital content for the global market.

Designed for both students  and educators, Kno’s acquisition boosts Intel’s global digital content library to more than 225,000 higher education and K-12 titles through existing partnerships with 75 educational publishers.

Kno, Inc. says it had partnered with over 80 leading publishers to offer more than 200,000 interactive titles that make learning more engaging, efficient, and social for students. Based on real curriculum’s Kno eTextbooks have interactive features, assessments, and social sharing tools to engage students at the point of learning. Teachers and administrators can assign, manage, and monitor learners digital learning easily.

bits-kno-custom1Intel which was an earlier investor of the 2009 founded firm will now use the firm’s technology to spread Kno worldwide. Kno with Intel’s technical and sales team will also literally digitize all educational content be it for schools or entreprises. Local education startups in Africa will need to do more to beat the multinational corporation, East Africa’s Kytabu, Elimu, Eneza Education, SkoolBox, Usomi, BrainShare among others have a wake up call as Kno might be in our shops as early as 2014, with a fully stocked curriculm and subsided by Intel Corp.


Intel is not the only winner in the acquisition. Kno’s early investors including Andreessen Horowitz, FLOODGATE, Goldman Sachs, GSV Capital have also reaped from the exit.