Justin Beiber Invests $1.1 Million In Social Network For Teenagers


justin-bieber-cover-02Justin Bieber has invested $1.1 million in Shots of Me, a social network for teenagers and developed by mobile games developer firm RockLive.

Available in the App Store next week Shots of Me, the $1.1 million seed round was led by Bieber with participation from VC Shervin Pishevar, Floyd Mayweather and  Tom McInerney.

Speaking to Fortune RockLive CEO John Shahidi said, “We got to know Justin after he began playing our games and tweeting about it. He’s been very involved in our products, helping us test things and providing feedback… When we told him that we were looking to create a social network for teens that really addresses what they aren’t getting on other networks, and which tries to deal with things like cyber-bullying, his eyes just lit up.”

John founded RockLive with his brother Sam and have been developing games since 2010 but their new venture will not having a gaming foucs but just a social network to protect teenagesr from cyberbulling.

“We’ve really enjoyed making games, and have made a lot of money doing so, but this is something new,’ John told the paper.

With his 46.5 million Twitter followers, Justin Bieber’s one tweet will help the social network sign up millions of users on day one of its launch. Just like what RockLive does, the new network will not need press releases or PR agencies to run their launch or campaign but digital word of mouth will be their power.

According to CrunchBase, RockLive has raised $1.7 million in seed funding. Bieber’s $1.1 milion takes it $2.7 million.