Music Service Spinlet Receives a US Patent



Mobile streaming service, Spinlet has been awarded with a US patent on a technology that will enable the company to gather information on their users.

Neil Schwartzman, CEO of Spinlet said, “We are delighted that the patent has been granted. This is yet another confirmation of Spinlet’s serious intent to conquer the digital and mobile music and entertainment industry which we will do through providing better and more user friendly entertainment experiences.”

The patent which was filed in 2007 in the United States, has gone through the due process and will enable the company to use the mobile phone to map out users experience on the platform, in a bid to make the experience better.

The invention is based on the idea of creating data items topically in various locations, providing the data items with position-based annotation and then making the data items publicly available. At the core of this unique programme, is the indexing of data on a mobile device linked to a location, the company said.

The music service had reported that they have over 650K users on its platform and growing.