Kärcher To Clean Classic East African Safari Rally Cars With New State Of Art Technology



2009 EA Safari Classic Rally-Anwar Sidi Photography (3994)

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG a leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment, in conjunction with its local partners, Alibhai Shariff, will this year continue its global rally campaign in Kenya through the provision of cleaning services to the 60 teams that have registered for the 2013 East African Safari Classic Rally using state of the art cleaning equipment.

“We are excited that through our local partners, Alibhai Shariff, we get to be a part of the East African Safari Classic Rally. We will undoubtedly enjoy working with all the teams, and trailing Car No. 49 for the entire event,” explained Mr. Bode Dembele, Sales Manager Africa & Market Development from Kärcher. adding that exceptional motoring, both on and off the track is a product of good maintenance and innovation. And with constant improvements to technology and design, top-of-the-range services to drivers and conserve our environment by improving efficient use of resources is inevitable.

Kärcher has given support to rally teams at some of the most iconic global events, including the world-famous Dakar Rally. Over 3,000 washes were carried out during the Dakar Rally, with the pressure machines performing optimally in the harsh terrain. These pressure washers consume about 80 percent less water than ordinary garden hoses, ensuring maximum efficiency during use. In addition to this, the electricity and time savings provided offer drivers real value.

Kärcher, a family owned enterprise, a leading provider of cleaning technology with more than 50,000 service centres in many countries that supplies to customers all over the world. In 2012, Kärcher reached sales of 1.92 billion euros with 10.8 million units sold, the highest number of quantities in its history.

It is in the spirit of preserving Kärcher’s success at the Dakar Rally that they shall collaborate with the Alibhai Shariff team and erect cleaning stations at the Amboseli stop (parc fermé) on the 25th of November 2013 in Kenya. All arriving rally cars and support vehicles will receive a free car wash from a team of trained professionals using two models of the cold water high pressure cleaners: the G.4. 10 Petrol and the HD 6/15 C. Not only will these machines clean the cars thoroughly, but will do it in an eco-friendly manner, they say.

“We look forward to sharing our teams’ experience cleaning at the Amboseli stop, and to wearing the badge of the 2013 East African Safari Classic Rally,” explained Rafiq Shariff, CEO of Alibhai Shariff.

The Rally that kicks off today, is open to motor vehicles built before 31st December 1978. The Company shall indeed shadow Car No. 49  a Datsun 240Z, sponsored by Base Titanium Community Project during the grueling ten-day event. Car No. 49 will be driven by Asad Anwar and navigated by Kashif Shaikh. Asad’s knack on super specials has earned him the “Master of Spectator Stages” status, and he looks ready to making his mark in the 2013 Safari Classic.

“The East African Safari Classic Rally has gone a long way in reclaiming the position of the East African circuit, a position it rightly deserves because of its fecund legacy,” said Mr. Ashok Bhalla, the event manager for the East African Safari Classic Rally, “It is always a pleasure to see local and international companies dedicate their resources to the event, and our sponsors play a big part in ensuring the event is a success.”