Samsung’s S4 Successor Could Come Sooner Than Expected



For all the Samsung  Smartphone lovers, word is out that Samsung is the verge of creating the successor of the Galaxy S4 smartphone and they are not wasting time as the launch is expected to come pretty soon.

Suspected to go by the name Galaxy S5, according to some report from the South Korean news, the smartphone should be out either in February or March, which is frankly a very short time compared to the the traditional time Samsung took in succeeding the other flagship phones.

This ‘s5’(suspected name of the phone) production time is anticipated to be in January next year and will come in two forms, the metal chassis or a cheaper plastic one.

Some of the suspected specifications include; a slightly curved screen, a 16 mega-pixel camera and 3G of RAM. However, it is also expected to come with a huge 64-bit, 8-core processor, a sizeable battery, coming in with 4,000 mAh which more than double that supplied with Apple’s iPhone 5s.