Petchatz is a Webcam that Allows You to ‘Skype’ Your Pets From Anywhere in the World



If your pet is not camera shy and is particularly talkative, you might want to consider this frivolous webcam set-up for your paw friends. Unlike other webcams, it’s made for animals.

Unfortunately, it does not take your pet out for walks or change their litter box. It does, however, let you dispense little treats, so if you want to talk to your pet from the office, you can train them to sit, fetch the mail, or just bark at the screen for a little snack.

When you’re at work. Or on vacation. Or just feel like checking in. PetChatz® is there when you can’t be. Hear and see each other while apart. Reward them with snacks and sniffs they love. Record and share fun videos. Play even when you’re away.
PetChatz lets you be there with your pet from anywhere.