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Over 20,000 properties listed on

by Paul Adepoju
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Oluwafemi Taiwo, CEO, and Co-Founder of has revealed that the platform currently has more than 20,000 properties listed on the platform most of which are in Lagos and Abuja.

In an exclusive interview earlier today, he said he decided to start the platform as a result of his passion for the utilization of technology to solve human problems.

He said: “I am really passionate about how we can use technology to solve people’s requirements around searching for property.”

“I actually do not have any background in Real Estate, apart from my Father being a Landlord and renting his houses to tenants. My interest has always been in Information Technology though my Bachelors degree is in Economics, I can say my background has been  IT with a focus on Real Estate.”

Through the platform, he said the company is creating a truly digital marketplace, and making it easier for buyers and prospective tenants to find the properties they desire.

He said: “We are solving the pain of property searchers.’s quest is to create a truly digital property marketplace. We need to make it easy for buyers and prospective tenants to find properties for sale and to rent.”

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