Appsfire Switches To Mobile Advertising



For the last four years, ­Appsfire, has worked as an apps promoter now it has changes gears and is now looking to venture into the mobile advertising sector.

So far, the company has managed to reach 12 million different users and makes an extraordinary growth of 8-10,000 users daily.

Well, despite all this success Appsfire wants to take a different turn saying that the future for them is no longer in Apps but in the growing, or hype-lead, native advertising model — which used to be more commonly known as advertorials.

The company is therefore no longer offering its existing service to new customers, although it will support existing users. It is also stopping development of the Appsfire service.

It’s a big leap for any company to shift focus, and the company is itself not sure as it says in its own statement that it might bring the Appsfire app back at a later date.

The company also hinted that Apple have made it harder for small companies to flourish in Apple’s App Store. Appsfire also alleged that Google did not look as if they were doing much to make its app store easier to use either, reserving rare praise for the Amazon app store.