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Broadband is powerful enough to transform Nigeria – Comm Tech Minister

Mrs. Omobola Johnson, Nigeria’s minister of communication technology has declared that connectivity via broadband is transforming lives in Nigeria. Speaking today in Lagos at the inaugural telecoms stakeholders’ summit organized by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the minister said there are several real life stories about how broadband is helping Nigerians in their daily lives.

“This is not fiction or day dreaming by a passionate Minister. These are real stories. I could go on and on about how lives have been transformed by the presence of broadband,” Johnson said.

She added that the power of broadband is in its ability to transform the lives of the citizens on an individual basis and the nation as a whole.

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Johnson said: “The often quoted statistic of a 10% increase in broadband penetration delivering a 1.3% increase in GDP is not an empty statistic. Broadband can increase business productivity, can lead to the creation of new businesses and jobs, can save lives, can deliver much needed skills in a developing nation.”

By increasing broadband penetration from 6% to 30% by 2017, she said the nation could record a 3% increase in GDP.

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“This is what makes up the GDP of a nation-and the most powerful and compelling pat of these stories is that this is GDP growth with jobs. Today the ICT sector contributes just over 8% to GDP- if we achieve our targets of a five fold increase in broadband penetration by 2017- from 6% to 30%, we will deliver through broadband, a phenomenal 3% increase in GDP,” the minister said.

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