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Test Products Before You Launch to the Market, Companies Urged


In a move that will change the quality of products and solutions in the African market forever, Tezza Solutions CEO Roland Omoresemi has urged firms to ensure that their products and solutions meet the quality analysis test before unveiling them into the market by following new application development methodologies and working with software testing firms.

Speaking during the Tezza IT Forum in Nairobi recently, Omoresemi noted that the challenges and downtime experienced by various institutions attributed to software hitches are a clear demonstration that companies are not adequately testing their innovations before releasing them into the market.

“The software hitches in ATMs owned by various banks can be attributed to buying unproven software, insufficient attention to project risk and relying on the promise of customization to backfill functionality gaps in off the shelf applications,” said Omoresemi.

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He added that companies should ensure that they address various key issues – including business requirements, end to end testing, integration and performance testing – before launching any products and solutions.

The Forum – held under the theme “Building reliable systems through dev-ops and continuous delivery” – gave delegates an opportunity to discover how current industry trends and technologies are impacting businesses and the corporate environment.

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The Forum deliberated on how corporate clients can improve the overall quality of software applications by adopting next generation technology to ensure continuous innovation of ideas through collaborative development, testing, release management and deployment across the value chain.

Omoresemi urged companies and their chief information officers (CIOs) to adopt DevOps – a software development method that involves communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT professionals -while developing and deploying their products and solutions saying this can help improve the overall quality of releases.

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The Forum also discussed that CIOs should focus on functionality, concentrate on applications’ capability in common usage scenarios and have a well-skilled team to ensure that there releases meet quality assurance standards.

IBM’s director for software driven innovation Philipe Fanjere said businesses stand to lose by not using tested software.

“Untested products will always result in a lack of continuous delivery that will impact the entire business operation, consequently resulting in costly error-prone manual processes once technology fails as well as slow deployment and need for upgrades,” said Mr Fanjere.

Fanjere said the most benefit derived from DevOps is that it helps balance the speed, cost, quality and risk when releasing new products.


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