Merry Christmas & Thank You!



Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude to you all as our readers, press partners, clients and friends. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Every morning we feel the urge to give up-yes we are human but something deep in us tells us we are right. Even though we feel afraid and inadequate deep inside our hearts.

It’s not magic. You saw us start and grow and though the journey is just began, we everyday come out of our closets ready to reach  just one person, touch just one heart, satisfy just one soul and nourish just one listener, it’s always a blessing when you begin, destiny holds your hand till you accomplish your goal.

In this journey, we are grateful for who you are to us and God alone can pay back the strength and hope you instill in us through your tweets and re-tweets, shares on Facebook and Google Plus and every time you bookmark, read, and forward our links to share the joy with your friends. We are grateful to you every second.

Every thing you have told us to correct, we did. Every section you told us to add, we wasted no second and every corner you send us to go, we didn’t hesitate to go. We believe that with you, we can raise the bar, we are Africa, Africa is us. We are doing this for Africa, Africa is me, you and us.

We just don’t want to walk alone; we want to go with you; and thanks for coming with us this far since 2012. But for real, we need you even more in 2014. We need you to reach new territories, we need to cover more startups, to help us be on more timelines, we need you to challenge us and help us demonstrate the energy in us and above all, we need you to inspire us and spotlight every disruptive entrepreneur, event or startup. Like Napoleon, we promise war and danger along the way, as victory only belongs to the smart and courageous.


By your guidance, strong will and expertise we believe we will walk the world with you. And for those who ain’t sure where we are headed, and are afraid to join us; the time is now. It has never been this wonderful to cover start-ups in Africa, its like a dream come true. There’s nothing momentous than seeing the youth in Africa come to us with ideas, see them build prototypes and build companies from just dreams.


It’s like being on the face of the earth before the infamous evolution; only this time there’s a creator putting everything into shape, changing history before our very eyes. Come see miracles pop before your very eyes in the cradle of mankind!

We are giving the youth a chance to build the world they want to see. Solving community problems using tech, culture and brotherhood. Come be part of a generation changing Africa’s history, and by the way; Merry Christmas and thank you; you mean so much to us!

We are taking over, follow us, just take our hands, we are more than conquerors and in whatever weather we promise it’s gonna be a great ride!

With love and respect,

Sam Wakoba and the TechMoran Team.