Nigeria’s WorkSet Launches to Help Mobile Managers Run Their Office on the Go



MyWorkSet is a Customer Relationship Manager, Messaging and Task Platform. MyWorkSet enables you gather customer data from different sources such as your Gmail/Yahoomail/MSN/Outlook/Live contacts, Excel sheets, Mobile phone, your business website and on MyWorkSet website and automatically sort them in categories and subcategories. In addtion MyWorkSet provides an intelligent and styled messaging system that enables you target a particular contact group easily!

According to Belonwu Ogugua of, the firm behind the application,”In Nigeria, many small and medium scale businesses have a challenge with organizing their customers (existing and prospective) – walk-ins, website inquiries, callers and from other contact points.”

“Some businesses use several excel sheets to maintain records which is quite cumbersome and also becomes nearly impossible to send messages (SMS and Email) to a customer group; example, sending emails and SMS to female customers only who reside in Lagos, Nigeria and are born in November is a very difficult task using crude methods; but MyWorkSet gets it done in seconds,” he adds.

MyWorkSet enables users to follow up their customers easily. A user can highlight, follow, drop notes and setup actions or appointment on any customer. This ensures one is always in the loop and can also follow up on staff activities anytime and create actions and reminders for them too.

Beyond ensuring you don’t miss a customer, MyWorkSet ensures your team meets up to work demands by providing a task follow up tool. You can create tasks for self (Personal task), branch, department or for your entire team. Reminders are sent on task set off and due dates and discussions on each task are sent to you instantly, daily  or weekly based on your preference. You can view perfomance and completion rates on MyWorkSet.

We are continually adding features and improving user experience on MyWorkSet. You can also suggest features that will ensure you get the best from MyWorkSet

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