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CEO Weekends: Here Is What You Don’t Know About The Sniper Anti-Virus From Bunifu Technologies



Bunifu Technologies is an industry innovation leader founded in the year 2011. They are a nexus of engineering and programming and since inception Bunifu have developed more than 30 products ranging from mobile, desktop, web and engineering solutions and tools.

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This start-up begun with the development of management systems, SMS solutions and Sikizi server and in the process of this all the start-up started receiving request to fix infected computers or unstable operating systems.

A project on Swochei Duplicate file scanner (a utility for removing duplicate files and folders in computer) is the breakthrough that led to the Bunifu team entertaining the thought of building the first African Antivirus, this coupled with the problem faced by most Antivirus customers.

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The team started building the first prototype of Bunifu Sniper Antivirus on February 2012.

So here is what you would like to know about the Sniper Anti-Virus.

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1. How long did it take actualizing the idea?

It took us 17 months. The team started working on Bunifu Sniper on February 2012, but this was preceded by the development of various modules and utilities by our team prior February 2012. Among these are

  1. Bunifu antipiracy module
  2. IWIN framework
  3. Swochei duplicate file Scanner
  4. Bunifu C# File search DLL (Library)

This utilities and modules had been developed in 2011 by our team.

2. What were the cost implications?

Can’t really quantify the amount. Considering the size of our team of nine and the 2  1/2 years of work on the various products that contributed to the success of our Antivirus. It’s evident that a lot of human resource and time went into this. Setting up an office and equipping it not mentioning the cost of running it made this project very costly.

3. How different is Bunifu sniper antivirus from other anti-viruses in use? /How effective is it?

Our Anti-virus comes with the following unique features. This are features not available in the other antivirus types. This have been tested and proven. The 2nd year computer science class at Kenyatta University participated in the testing and debugging process.

  • Wireless and LAN scanner: Can scan devices in your WIFI range or over a local network.
  • Document, File & Folder Repair and restore
  • Document, File & Folder unlock.
  • Winrar  internal Virus Scanner Plug-in
  • Wireless and LAN threat sensor.
  •  Ability to run in safe mode
  • Bunifu anti-piracy Licensing module for piracy protection.
  • Sniper Data Security Utility


It also comes with the following features which are not unique to it but are improved versions of the same.

  • Pro-active real-time file system surveillance and monitoring for threats
  • Internet and firewall security
  • Automated removable media scan.

4. Has it been tested? By who?

Bunifu Sniper has been undergoing testing and trial for 4 months by our computer programmers and engineering experts. In addition a computer science class of 80 students in one of the public universities took part in the testing and debugging process.

5. The team come from diverse backgrounds (Academically), how did this play out during the process of developing it?

The diversity especially engineering and computer science that happen to form a majority of the team (7 out of the 9 members) played out perfectly. As I have indicated above, the ability to scan and disinfect devices on your WIFI range and over a network is only unique to Bunifu Sniper Antivirus. This feature requires extensive knowledge on electronics, telecommunication, wireless networks and networking principals. With our experienced programmers translating this algorithms and concepts into computer program was easy.

The other 2 members of the team have been supportive providing ideas and insight to current business trends and legal aspects.

6. In terms of innovation how is the antivirus going to help in the IT world?

I believe the unique features will transform the security and Antivirus industry. Established entities will need to upgrade their systems and even might have to buy this technology from Kenya. It’s also important to note that this field is a serious revenue earner for some countries like Russia. We expect Bunifu Sniper to be a major revenue earner for not only Baringo but Kenya also.

Being the first African Antivirus, we hope to revolutionize the technology industry and make Baringo County, Kenya and Africa a brand to be recognized; a net exporter of technology and Engineering solutions just like India, Japan and South Korea.

7. What are the challenges your team faced while coming up with the anti-virus

  1. Financial constraints and      lack of funding for research has been a major challenge.
  2. Working in Baringo posed      another challenge in that there are no serious internet providers and the      ones available are costly.
  3. Lack of a testing unit. All      software related projects require elaborate test labs which are not      available in the country.


8. In terms of economic prospects-what do you anticipate to gain?

The Antivirus business is a multimillion business; some companies make up to Kshs 60 billion in after tax profit. Given the proper support and platform Bunifu Sniper can become one of Kenya’s largest companies.

It can also stimulate economic growth in the country by creating hundreds of jobs directly and thousands others in the sales and supply chain.

The interest shown by global technology giants in the country will only intensify once news about our Antivirus goes viral. This means more foreign investment in the country.

9. For long, employers have questioned the quality of graduates- with the innovation is this a vote of confidence that our institutions of higher learning is not all about theory/cramming to pass exams?

What the Bunifu Technologies team has achieved is an example of what functional education is all about. The team has sacrificed about two years living on shoe string budget piecing together what has now become the first African Antivirus.

The team comes from 5 different institutions of higher learning namely:

  • The University of Nairobi
  • Kenyatta University
  • Maseno University
  • Catholic University
  • Jomo Kenyatta University
  • Bartek Institute

Using their varied experience and knowledge we brought together our skills to achieve this. Given the much needed support this clearly indicates the exponential potential our African youth have only if given the space to express themselves and passionately exercise their talents. So yes, our education can be functional if some passion is added to the learning process.

10. Why Bunifu Sniper? How did you come with the name?

Bunifu sniper is one among many products that our company has developed; our naming systems derive their names from their functionality. A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone, in a pair, or with a team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel. Snipers typically are highly selective and with

specialized training in high-precision, camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition. These are traits shared by our product, thus the name Bunifu Sniper Antivirus.

11. Future of Bunifu Sniper Antivirus

Bunifu Technologies is currently finalizing the beta version of the product. This will take us three months up to April 2014. Support structures and systems are also being put in place, this include a dedicated Bunifu sniper website, customer care platform, online payment systems and an online update system among others.

The release date of the product will be on 16th May 2014.

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Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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