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Introducing Nigeria’s | Marketplace for Buying, Selling & Delivery of Fresh Farm Produce & Restaurant Meals

by Sam Wakoba
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foodinstantlyNigeria’s Foodstantly, a new online marketplace for food and restaurant food delivery service has launched to take on Rocket Internet’s Hellofood and EasyAppetite and others in the country.

Founded by Uchay Ariolu, a  lawyer with experience in business development consultancy and also founder of event discovery and online ticket sales site, the Port Harcourt based entrepreneur aims to disrupt the food and agriculture industry with Foodstantly, a mobile-web platform for the retailing of fresh farm produce and foodstuffs and food ordering.


Foodstantly retails both raw and cooked food from restaurants to consumers in what he calls ‘Ready to cook’ and’ Ready to eat’ Features. He says buyers either browse for farm fresh food produce  on the site to buy it and cook from their homes or for ready food from restaurants partnering with the platform. The several categories are included on the site for users to easily pick out what they want either browse by meal, farm produce, farm vendor or by restaurant.

They then pay using debit cards, credit cards, mobile money or cash on delivery. Consumers can also join a premium subscription package and just have orders delivered to them. The platform’s users are therefore saved of hours of time walking congested open air markets for raw foodstuff to go and cook and those who want ready meals just order and have the meals delivered t o their offices or homes.

For farmers and vendors it provides a new way of signing up clients and earning them revenue.

Being a marketplace for both cooked food and raw farm produce, Foodstantly marketplace becomes a unique player in the online food ordering industry in Nigeria. The platform is more than just an online grocery store and is also more than restaurant food ordering service like Helloffod.

With sales of fresh food stuffs and fresh farm produce, the portal is the first of its kind in the country where users will be able to buy fresh fish, vegetables, beef or bacon,sea food, cooking spices, tuubers, grains and others plus ready cooked food. The platform is owned and run by Agrovative Limited.


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