Epson Launches Next-Gen Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for Gaming & Video Entertainment


Epson-Moverio-BT-200-3Japan-based Epson Group, a manufacturer of inkjet printers and printing systems, 3LCD projectors and industrial robots to sensors and other micro devices has launched a sleek, light design, Epson’s Moverio BT-200 smart binoculars with miniaturised LCD-based projection lens system and optical light guide.

Showcased at CES the 88g Moverio BT-200 runs Android 4.0, have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and two transparent screens which work together to overlay an image in the centre of the user’s field of vision. They also contain built-in sensors including a gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer and microphone, as well as Dolby Digital Plus sound capability and a multi-touch track pad for controlling applications on the glasses’ 1.2GHz dual core processor. The glasses have a battery life of up to six hours.

The glasses have an advanced binocular optical system which projects see-through overlays of digital content onto the real-world with augmented reality apps for consumers and enterprises.

Speaking after being  selected by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) as a 2014 International CES® Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honouree in the Wearable Technologies product category for its second-generation “smart glasses,” the Moverio BT-200, Hans Dummer, head of Epson Europe’s visual imaging business said, “We are honoured to be recognised by CEA with this prestigious award.”

“Leveraging our long-standing leadership in LCD and visual imaging, Epson is at the forefront of developing innovative and unique wearable products that bring valuable new experiences for consumers and enterprises,”  Dummer added.

CES Innovations awards products are judged by a distinguished panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honour outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge consumer electronics products.