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Generations actors go on strike



So once again the stars of South Africa’s most beloved soap opera have downed scripts and are striking again . This comes less than a month after the acting CEO of SABC stepped in to end the last strike. While I have no problem with them exercising their democratic right to protest less than ideal working conditions I do have a few questions I need answered.

Firstly are Generations cast members allowed to strike? I know there are certain laws that prevent people who walk in essential services from striking and surely the cast members of such a revered show should be included. I think it would be a catastrophe if the golden half an hour from 8 to 8.30pm was occupied by anything else other than the award winning and endlessly thrilling drama that is Generations.

In the latest strike some actors revealed that they were afraid Mfundi Vundla would have the option of killing off their characters with no notice as and when he saw fit. Kiss me if I’m wrong but is this really something to lose sleep over? Soap characters die all the time. Then reappear as their own evil twins a few weeks later. Or pop up as themselves but with amnesia.

The last question I have comes from the following quote attributed to one of the actors:

“Our relationship with Generations has been like that of a woman who is stuck in an abusive relationship. Now we say ‘enough is enough’ – we must speak out against this abuse.”

I am not even sure where to start. Did they just compare themselves to RiRi with Mfundi being Chris Brown? If we are going to extrapolate this does this mean The Wild is the one that got away? Is Muvhango the plan B ? Do they secretly hope to be hired by Isidingo? The people want to know.

courtesy of NZINGA