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Nigeria’s CcHUB to Formally Launch its CcHUB Mobile Experience Lab

by Sam Wakoba
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innovation-worldCcHUB is set to formally launch its CcHUB Mobile Experience Lab (MX Lab)  Tuesday January 21 in a move to enhance the quality of local digital solutions and improve customer satisfaction in the country.

Tolu Agunbiade, CcHUB’s Business Analyst said in a statement that the Mobile Experience Lab was created from the need to bridge the gap between users and digital service providers in Nigeria. The MX Lab similar to iHub Nairobi’s UX Lab through research generates, processes and disseminates comprehensive knowledge and data to help devs design think with end-users in mind.

The lab also helps developers test their applications pre-launch with real users for better user experience. It also teaches the dev community on the need and importance of product user experience design and it’s place in technology product development.

Launched in 2011 in Lagos, CcHUB is Nigeria’s first open living lab for technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, tech companies and hackers set up to accelerate entrepreneurs innovations that solve social problems such as transport, governance, education, water, and entertainment.

For more details drop them an email at [email protected]

 See you there!

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