South African Firm Launches Statistics & Data Mining Training for Enterprises

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dataminingSouth Africa’s BI and analytics specialist BITanium has launched a series of statistics and data mining courses in a move to help enterprises maximise their returns on analytical tools.

The courses will be delivered at BITanium’s training facility in Woodmead, Johannesburg, as well as at customers’ premises and selected venues Cape Town.  Course material can be customised in line with organisations needs. BITanium plan to expand on their range of courses during the year.

According to Dr Tracy Dunbar, Director of BITanium, BITanium has noted a growing need in business to extract insights from the data available.

“With data as the new competitive advantage, enterprises are looking to maximise their returns on analytics tools and achieve value from their data. However, little training has been available in South Africa to date, to assist people of all levels to use their data effectively.”

Nadine Shenker, Director of BITanium, adds that even graduates with statistical qualifications tend to have focused on the theories behind analytics at university – rather than the practical application. “We are also seeing businesses investing heavily in data mining and analytics tools, but not realising the full ROI from them. It’s much like investing in a luxury car without having a driver’s license – you cannot optimise the value of the tools without knowing how to use them,” she says.

Amid growing demand for data scientists and analytics support and training, BITanium has launched a series of training courses for business and IT, aimed at enhancing their understanding of analytics and delivering practical insights into the use of analytics tools in enterprise. The interactive courses, running over one to three days, are presented by experts in their field and focus on the real world application of analytical techniques.

“Currently, the training available starts with a basic introduction– covering the basics of data definitions, data analysis and presentation of results – for business people who have never engaged with statistics,” says Dr Dunbar. “Courses are also available covering advanced data mining techniques, research methodologies, and the optimal use of specific tools such as IBM SPSS. The training serves as a first step towards gaining IBM toolset certification.”

The BITanium statistics and data mining courses are ideally suited to:

·         Business and department managers who need to extract value from data

·         Analysts in the public and private sector

·         Researchers

·         Marketers

·         Actuaries, statisticians and data scientists

·         Underwriters

·         Fraud and credit risk professionals.

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