CEO Weekends: FastCashier Advisor Comes to Windows Store to Help You Meet Your Saving Target


download (2)Ghanaian-founded FastCashier recently announced it had launched its Fastcashier Advisor on Windows Store to help users organise their Incomes, Expenses, Reports, and set reminders in a bid to help them achieve their financial goals.

A user can set the app to advise him or her every morning, lunch break or in the evening after a hard days work. A user can then set aside the amount of target to save on that say or week or year.

“You are assured of achieving your targeted savings per day, week, month or year,” the team said.

Said to be Africa’s PayPal and Quickbooks combined, FastCashier develops accounting, payment processing and payroll software for enterprise firms and individuals. The advisory app is targeted at users who want to know how much they are spending on what and how or what they should cut down on. The team says it will add more features to the app like free and daily tips on Tax, Accounting and Payroll among others.