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Tutor.ng, an Online Tutoring Platform With a marketplace for Teachers Launches to Disrupt Online Learning in Africa

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tutor-ng77With over 170 million people and  50 million accessing Internet, business offline doesn’t make sense especially shopping, education and food delivery.

Tutor.NG, an Online Tutoring Platform providing tools and resources for engaging and teaching learners anytime, anywhere has launched to provide the technology for tutors to transform any environment into a learning space. The platform provides  a virtual classroom, functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools, ability to work with different document formats – doc, pdf, ppt., content sharing features, live interactive sessions and  a  payment  system that helps  you monetize your  content.

According to  Peter Ogedengbe, Co-Founder Tutor.NG, “We are extremely excited to launch this platform, online tutoring solves the problem of unemployment where smart and versatile graduates can become self employed by teaching online and make a living for themselves, also with the increase in internet availability and affordable computer/mobile devices, student and teachers can now do more meaningful things with their data package”  

Ogedengbe says Tutor.ng is a good solution to illiteracy and will help promote online learning in Nigeria by giving users the opportunity to use their data on more productive things. Students/ learners also have the opportunity to learn anything which will help them understand the class taught courses better. Teachers can use the  platform to conduct online meetings, deliver lectures and trainings, the platform also provide tools to collaborate from different locations.

944830_546806168742074_1465915468_nTutor is also open to large organizations and multiple teachers and instructors can log in, schedule, and deliver online classes in real time to unlimited number of students across the world, on your personalized e-learning space.  Teachers will be able to monetize their knowledge and content  on the platform’s marketplace and they can also use the platform to reach thousands more students than they previously did. Content is secured and only owners have access and control to their content.

He says that as the Nigerian economy is evolving and education sector going through a reformation stage with emphasis on technological needs, it has become imperative to build systems robust enough to support these developments. Some of these changes require technical awareness, training and other education support services in educational sector and we have found a way to help build on that foundation.

Some of the features to create effective learning are:

White Board: the tutor can use the whiteboard to illustrate, annotate and demonstrate key points

Live Video Sessions: interact face-to-face online with your student with standard collaboration tools

Live Session Recording: videos and other activities during the live session can be recorded to be watched at a later time by users.

Real Time Virtual Classroom: Users from remote locations can participate in real time in a virtual classroom

Content Creation:  you can upload and publish courseware in any format PowerPoint, PDFs, Documents, and Videos

User Management: manage learners and multiple teachers to deliver and schedule classes

The platform has expert tutors and courses one needs to enhance learning and improve student performance and knowledge. Courses vary, and include bead making, cooking traditional recipes, creative writing, fashion design, business management and just about anything. 

Tutor.ng is a product of  Exolve Technologies Limited – a leading Information Technology company with core competencies in Learning Management Systems, Application Development (Mobile & Web), Enterprise Applications, Interactive Multimedia and Social Communities.










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