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Nigeria’s Herald Newswire Wants to Help Publishers in Africa Monetise with Ease

by Sam Wakoba
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Transat-AT-mood-lighting1Traditional news wire services are allover but have a different mode of operation that in many cases aren’t that effective for startup business that require publicity to get traction and or revenue. Those that are present are either so expensive or just don’t understand what startups need.

Aniekan Okono, a serial entrepreneur with several companies under his name has announced the launch of Herald Newswire Nigeria to help both startups, journalists and bloggers. The platform will help bloggers to monetize their content easily by running free press releases from newswire service.

“As an entrepreneurs ourselves we thought of a way to get result because we’ve had this experience ourselves and I know what it means to not get publicity or to not get traction or to spend loads of money trying to get traction,” said Okono.  “Looking back at our entrepreneurial experience we know about coming out with innovative ideas and with our our experience we’ve decided to provide a solution that is a win-win solution for bloggers and journalist. No only that, aid create jobs by assisting startups and small businesses get publicity which they require.”

 The service aims to replace the traditional newswire services that don’t pay bloggers or journalists to publish press releases. The  services will begin in Nigeria then slowly launch to West Africa then wherever you are in Africa.  The Herald Newswire Nigeria distribution  is expected to help both companies, blogger and media outlets.

 “While most journalist or bloggers in developed countries get news content from newswire services for free and publish them for free, we understand the difference in markets and have initiated a pay per material’s published agreement to present a win-win situation for you the publisher or media outlet or blogger”, he said.

Those that are interested to join the platform can sign up here  for an account.


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